Public Radiation Hazard Services


In Belgium the radiation Hazard regulations are quite complex and widespread, with each Region having its own rules and norms.

However complex, the Radiation Hazard compliancy for Mobile Operators is legally binding. Offences are penalized via criminal law.

Each Operator is responsible for design and filing for the correct Radiation Hazard permission prior to the radio cell being put in commercial use. Measurement on the compliancy is left to the Regional Authorities.

There is no public database available where both granted Radiation Hazard certification and measurements can be found.

  • How are we sure that these strict norms are respected and adhered to?
  • What prohibits any Operator to modify its radiation power levels whenever it wishes?
  • What are the Radiation Hazards in your neighborhood?
  • Questions, questions, questions

Flow Tech is committed to measure and visualize the Radiation Hazard situation around Mobile Network cells so that a transparent visibility is provided to the general public. This will be available in a database accessible to the broad public.

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