Mobile Networks:
  • Band(width) License strategies
  • Deployment strategies
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Vendor Selection and strategy
Other Fixed and Wireless Networks and Technologies
  • WiFi / WiMax / SD-WAN / IP Telephony / ..., including Security layer(s) (Firewall, Encryption, VPN, ...)
  • Vendor assessment, recommendation, negotiation, selection
  • Program and Project Management, from concept strategy to complete implementation
Database and Application Development
  • Workflow based monitoring and management platforms
  • Documentation Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Advanced Dynamic GIS-tools
Radiation Hazard:
  • Regional regulations and norms
  • Power settings for single- and multi-vendor networks
  • Band- and Multiband design
  • Analysis of existing networks, including measurements
Network Design:
  • WAN (SD-WAN), WiFi, …
  • Bandwidth, Latency, Security, Load Balancing, Shaping, …
  • Firewall (Hardware and Software firewalls)
  • Internet
  • Streaming
Customised development:
  • We provide expertise to enable development of your idea
  • IPR ownership remains at the customer
  • Examples: Mobile Network temporary cells, Bus shelters including WiFi antennas, …